RPA In IT Management


Real World Use Cases
For Robotic Process Automation in IT

Automating IT operations with RPA helps you improving process quality and effectiveness, increasing IT staff productivity, shortening service delivery time, decreasing operational costs and systematic failure rates, and most importantly, overall improvement of operational efficiency.

Backup&Recovery and Patch Management

They need user interaction for each step and employees who perform this task manually should be very careful during this process. Therefore, automating these processes with the help of RPA can take this stress off your employees’ shoulders and enable your employees to work more efficiently

User Management

For end-to-end user management such as creating an account, creating an e-mail address, etc., It is important to locate the robots in the IT department for handling tasks and making benefits from the HR department as well.

Ressetting Passwords

There can be many requests related to password resets which are also repeatable tasks, they have a classic, manual and persistent structure, and few exceptions. Consequently, the process is a primary candidate for automation. All that’s needed is to provide software robots with specific templates (request, acknowledgment, etc.), and with access to the IT service management (ITSM) tool for active directory activities.The next step is to let the robots deal with the second category of non-emergencies. By logging into the apps, robots can quickly change the password, send a new one to the user, and update the request status to “resolved”.

Sending User Notifications

As you know, a great deal of notifications are recieved every day and they cause interruptions in workflows. Dealing with hundreds of email notifications decrease employee motivation and increase their distractibility. You can avoid this workload through predetermined rules that apply to structured information. (via unattended robots). A scheduler can trigger a bot to log into the ITSM tool to select the pending cases and run the needed reports (e.g., send emails tailored to user preferences, send audit reports, update ticket status). In case of facing exceptions, they are dispatched to service desk employees if you want. Therefore, automation decreases processing times, improves your service quality, and allows employees to concentrate on higher value tasks.

Incident Management

Availability and maintanability 24/7 are the most important things in IT operations. Therefore, incident management plays a significant and a crucial role in the ongoing success of any organization. With an automated diagnostics service, software robots can select the issues that can be remedied by means of simple, rule based algorithms, and only forward to subject matter experts those that require more complex decision making. Given 24/7 availability of virtual IT workers, robots can identify and address the problems, improve internal planning and organization, streamline the resolution process. Therefore, automation significantly reduces Mean Time to Resolve and response times, thereby increasing customer satisfaction.

Network Support

Software bots helps cutting network field operation costs while enhancing the service quality. Network technology, such as load balancers or firewalls, requires constant monitoring and measurement to provide network reliability in your company. To do this, bots can manage network performance, run instant updates whenever opportunities for improvement arise, prevent operational risks. Their consistent, error-free operating modes ensures that the company can reap all the benefits from network interconnectedness.

Monitoring User Experience

User Experience Management and Robotic Process Automation are indispensable duo of automation world to create well-trained intelligent bots. Automating user experiences is made up of emulating human behaviour with bots. Because bots can simulate employees’ and customers’ experiences, they allow for more controlled testing. The direct beneficiaries are your customers, whose user experience is improved. This will ultimately turn to the advantage of the company’s business outcomes.

Software Installations

RPA bots also provides doing installation steps of any software tool as if humanbeing work. Even complex systems with interconnected constituents by the most basic actions can be done without any interruption by just one click far.


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