Traffic fine inquires with Robusta RPA

Dünya Varlık

Next- Generation Automation for Flawless Business Processes

Partnering with Robusta to expedite its real estate appraisal processes, Dünya Varlık observed an 80% increase in processing time and success rates.

Current State
Asset management companies carry out sales transactions against their receivables by applying foreclosure transactions to a high number of vehicles. Before they can sell these vehicles, traffic fines and taxes must be paid. To manually inquire the penalties registered to many vehicles manually and to manually issue a bank payment file constitutes an imperative but highly time-consuming operation.
Robusta's Solution
Fully automating the process, Robusta RPA decreases the completion cycle of this resource-intensive task to mere seconds. The process is initiated automatically by sending the list of vehicles via email. The file in the email is saved to the incoming file directory. An inquiry is made for each vehicle, and all associated penalties that are found are added to the file. The current date is appended to the file name in the incoming directory and the file is backed up. The bank payment file is created and sent to the bank via FTP. Payment file and traffic ticket details are sent to the user via email.